Wholesale Routing is one of our products that can be used for promotional or transactional SMS at the least cost rate, if your worry about your finances, this is the best product to use! but with no guarantee of the sender ID and permission of delivery. These features can be checked individually with your Account Manager, we are always ready to answer your questions!


HQ Routing is an SMS product that can help your needs when you need a way to deliver messages fast and sure but with no special features involved ( like numeric or alphanumeric dedicated sender.) We have selected best working routes at convenient pricing, who deliver your messages throughout the world with the most convenient pricing. For more details you are more than welcomed to write us or contact your dedicated Account Manager!


Direct Routing, is our best product, having only direct to operator connections worldwide. Your messages will be delivered the fastest and most reliable way, with the greatest quality on the market. Our prices are most competitive for big volumes, and we offer a large range of features for all destinations worldwide. For specific features and more information about this incredible marketing tool, don’t hesitate to contact us or your dedicated Account Manager!

Long Code

Long Code Routing is a special product that deliver messages with numeric sender ID. It is most reliable for both promotional, notifications or transactional messages, without need for dedicated sender ID. Any other details about pricing and routes, we invite you to call or write to us, we will respond promptly to your needs!