SMS Dispatcher

Are you paying high bandwidth price for dedicated and stable internet connection because public internet does not perform well for your SMS Termination? Are you planning to setup your termination and cannot find a good ISP? Are you fed up on poor performance of your route? Are you anxious about your route security and privacy.



Telecommunication requires dedicated premium quality bandwidth to operate because public internet is not reliable and secure. As well as speed is not available as promised all the time. So, telco grade premium bandwidth is very expensive and it is not available everywhere. Reducing operating expense is a key to success for any business and for SMS Termination bandwidth price is one of the major expenses.

Security on the internet is a major threat today, and it is important for the business to be sniffing proof, encrypted and secured. And most importantly, performance of the termination must be up to the mark to operate profitably.



SMS Dispatcher solves all of these problems for your SMS Termination business. SMS Dispatcher is a premium quality bandwidth optimization service which performs following things for you-


  • Works behind any type of NATed& Firewalled Network
  • Does not require any dedicated real IP, works on NAT and behind firewall
  • Works with any type of internet connection i.e. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, so it is possible to setup anywhere where mobile internet is available
  • 100% delivery of the submits to the gateway, configurable retires, in case in network failure all incoming messages are kept and will be delivered once the network is recovered, configurable message validity period
  • Highly Available
  • Ability to load balance between multiple gateways, gateways can be grouped by region, network operator
  • Configurable DLR generation based on percentage of the overall traffic, option to generate different kind of DLRs
  • Message encryption between the server and local gateways, GDPR ready
  • Highly scalable, throughput can be increased by adding more gateways
  • And many more….