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SMS Gateway: SMS Platform

Built on a modern architecture over the last 5 years, this monster Gateway is clearly one of the top software system available in the market for SMS Aggregators with powerful features loaded. Intuitive user interface, powerful processing capacity and configurable business rules makes this Gateway very business friendly.

SMS Dispatcher is an Enterprise Communicator

Telecommunication requires dedicated premium quality bandwidth to operate because public internet is not reliable and secure. As well as speed is not available as promised all the time. So, telco grade premium bandwidth is very expensive and it is not available everywhere. Reducing operating expense is a key to success for any business and for SMS Termination bandwidth price is one of the major expenses.

Security on the internet is a major threat today, and it is important for the business to be sniffing proof, encrypted and secured. And most importantly, performance of the termination must be up to the mark to operate profitably.

SMS Dispatcher solves all of these problems for your SMS Termination business. SMS Dispatcher is a premium quality bandwidth optimization service without any dedicated IP requirement.


Access from anywhere with internet connectivity and start sending messages with your PrePaid account!


Sending and receiving SMS through email or mobile phone is that much easier now with a dedicated number provided through prepaid account. All incoming SMS are free of charge.