Hospitality Sector

Show your courtesy in text messages and improve your customer experience.

77% of respondents indicated they opted-in to receive coupons or deals from a hotel via text message.

41% of consumers stated they didn’t opt-in to a hotel because the texts didn’t give useful information.

78% of consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates.

70% of customers now utilize mobile messaging to resolve problems.

SMS services Hospitality sector - Alienics USA

Reminders and Notifications: Use SMS to provide more efficient advertising, automate booking reminders, streamline contactless check-in, and provide simple hotel guest text messaging for hospitality organisations.

  • Hotel SMS Software that is Reliable for Alerts and Notifications

  • SMSDirect, Two-Way Messaging for Customer Service, Computerised Hotel Booking and Reservation Reminder

  • Coupons and marketing promotions that can be tracked

  • Toll-Free Numbers and Textable Landlines

SMS services Hospitality sector - Alienics USA