Alienics Inc is a Canadian registered technology company focusing on telecommunication. We have put together a team of seasoned professionals who are highly knowledgeable in creating best-in-class communication solutions. We have combined a client-centric approach with purpose-built, cutting-edge technology to help clients achieve their objectives

Who Are We?

We aim to help telecom carriers access the profitable wholesale market while minimizing risk by combining our broad knowledge and growing software solutions. Our SMS Platform is based on cutting-edge technology that can handle large volumes of messages quickly.
Alienics takes a mature approach in a fast-paced market, bringing together talented individuals from the telecommunications and computer science industries from all over Europe, North America and Asia. Over the previous decade, our program has been built, developed, and refined to provide you with the best.
We can collaborate with top providers from a position of strength and quality because of our extensive telecom expertise.

Best Sms Services
What makes us the best solution?


We connect to various developmental telecom network operators worldwide to successfully transmit millions of messages from multiple countries to target countries. Our open API can connect to almost anything.Are you a seasoned SMS user? Import lists from your current SMS platform with ease.Alienics takes the headache and ambiguity out of SMS compliance and deliverability, no matter where you are.

  • Pricing on Bulk SMS
  • High volume and High speed message transmissions
  • Best available routes
  • High quality high speed deliveries
  • Flexible payment terms
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Our Technology?

Improve customer experiences by using interactions that are intelligently planned. Our SMS Platform can receive, process, and distribute messages conceived and developed entirely in-house by a team of software specialists. We make it feasible for organizations to build consumer relationships at scale in the most frictionless way imaginable.

High-Quality Connections

230+ direct network links ensure timely delivery and reliability through various backup routes.

Global Presence

Effortlessly implement cost-effective, dependable, and safer messaging solutions to expand your global reach.

Improve your User Experience

Personalized, scheduled, and multi-language communications in a systematic, responsive, and timely manner are all possible with several connectivity possibilities.

Easy Communication

In real-time, communicate with 85 percent of the world's population.

Routing that is intelligent

We choose the best paths accessible at the time of transmission.

Text Messaging in Both Directions

We provide bespoke short codes or long numbers so that you can communicate with your consumers via SMS.

Complaints And Registry Numbers

For compliant and cost-effective messaging at scale, you can contact us easily.