Close more deals faster when you reach out to the right customers at the right time.

Using SMS to send appointment reminders to consumers reduced missed appointments by 26%.

More than 50% of customers prefer customer support over text messages instead of phone calls.

Food delivery updates constitute 36% of helpful texts.

SMS services for Restaurants

Booking service: Accept and confirm bookings via SMS. You can automatically have bookings forwarded to your own IT system or email address, to share it with your staff.

Streamline food pickup and delivery: Let your customers know when their order is received, ready for pickup and out for delivery.

Boost sales through promotions: Let your customers know about any special deals you’re running, such as “2 pizzas for the price of one, tonight only!”

Improve customer service: Restaurants can send thank you messages to customers who have spent lunches or dinners there. They can then send more texts (e.g. birthday greetings with discount vouchers) to make the relationship last and encourage repeat bookings.

SMS services for Restaurants