SMS Reseller

Pace up interaction, accelerate customer retention and loyalty with SMS Reseller.

SMS Reseller

Are you having success with the communications you deliver to your clients? Use our SMS Reseller Services to engage your customers in a conversation. You may send and receive messages, follow up with consumers, track who has answered, and deliver an engaging experience using this software. Automate consumer interactions on the most popular messaging channels without recruiting more personnel.

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Features And Benefits

Transit and hubbing services

TPS, Quota, DND, Spam, and other rule-based client and supplier setup

Configuration for GT

Routing Mechanics based on SIGTRAN Part Rules

Monitoring in Real-Time Configuration of Dashboard Alerts

More than 500 outgoing connections

Up to 500 TPS system throughput

Messages sent at the same time: 1 million SMS

Billing & Settlement Fraud Control


SMS Reseller

Using Alienics SMS Bulk SMS Campaign Manager, you can create sophisticated, highly engaging bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Our easy-to-use interface eliminates the time consumed in sending messages, allowing our customers to send and receive SMS messages instantly. The system keeps you updated on the process of the message send-out campaign.
Our Bulk SMS Campaign Manager is available to our Canadian customers, and it’s perfect for sending tailored marketing communications, notifications, and OTPs, for example. Our committed support team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions you may have.

  • Reach out to consumers and prospects quickly and efficiently.
  • With one-way or two-way texting, provide personalised, real-time engagement.
  • Create and launch marketing initiatives that target customers all around the world.
  • Easily integrate SMS functionality into critical company apps, websites, and other platforms.
  • Order updates, promotional and loyalty offers, payment reminders, two-factor authentication, and customer assistance help automate consumer-facing interactions and corporate operations.
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Connect More, Convert More with Text Marketing

Promote Sales & Drive Traffic: Share text-based discounts and special offers to boost traffic and sales.
Grow Your Base: Enable Keywords, QR codes, and Sign-Up Forms to make it easy for customers to join your text list.
Engage Members: Build mobile loyalty programs and gather feedback on products and services.
Convert Leads: Text one-on-one with prospects and re-engage with those that have stopped answering to phone calls and emails.
Best Sms Marketing Campaigns

Conquer Customer Experience with Text Marketing

Send Alerts & Notifications: Instantly alert customers to new products and services or updates about your business.
Manage Appointments: Make missed appointments and lost revenue a thing of the past with automated reminders.
Confirm Orders & Deliveries: Automated texts make order confirmations and delivery updates a breeze.
A2P messaging For Banking Transactions

Level Up Internal Communications with Text Marketing

Notify & Alert Employees: Keep your team safe, informed, and engaged by sending updates and alerts directly to their mobile devices.
Recruit & Onboard Employees: Drive employee referrals and streamline the recruiting process with the power of text.
Schedule Staff: Quickly inform staff about schedule updates and make it easy to reply via text to pick up an open shift.

Powerfull Features

Highly Targeted SMS
Marketing Communications


Instant Opt-in
and Opt-out

Speed and

open rates

Powerfull Features

MMS Picture Messaging

Make your text marketing messages pop by adding pictures, GIFs, or audio and video files. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages deliver more engagement and supersized ROI.

The EZ Texting Mobile App

Manage your account, add contacts, and stay connected to your customers, wherever you are, by downloading the free EZ Texting iOS mobile app.

2-Way Texting & Text-to-Landline

Our self-service 2-way messaging feature allows you to send and receive texts using your existing business phone number or a new, textable 10-digit number.

Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that is reserved for use by one business. Dedicated short codes offer guaranteed throughput, unlimited Keywords, and low messaging fees.

Measure Your Success with Analytics & Reporting

Alienics built-in reporting dashboard provides invaluable insight into your text marketing strategy and messaging trends. Watch your contacts and messaging data closely to optimize your campaigns.

Reach More Customers Faster & Easier with Text Marketing

Reduce the number of incoming voice calls and email enquiries by providing effective and efficient customer service via SMS. Some of our upcoming services include:

RCS Business Messaging

WhatsApp Business Solution

Viber Business Solution

Telegram Business Solution

Reach More Customers Faster & Easier with Text Marketing

A2P messaging For Banking Transactions

Reduce the number of incoming voice calls and email enquiries by providing effective and efficient customer service via SMS. Some of our upcoming services include:

RCS Business Messaging

Whatsapp Business Messaging

Viber Business Messaging

Telegram Business Messaging