The Transportation industry is becoming increasingly complex everything from warehousing, inventory to packaging and disposal are interconnected.

14% of companies communicate with clients over SMS.

Rather than needing to download a separate app on their phone, 59% of consumers would like to receive direct contacts.

Only 23% of firms provide service reminders to customers by SMS, despite the fact that 66% of consumers prefer it.

More than 50% of customers favor communicating support through text messaging as opposed to other ways of communication.

SMS services for Transportation

Streamline Your Logistics: Send automated pick-up, delivery, and estimated time of arrival notifications, any last-minute shift due to unprecedented events, or service updates to employees and customers.

Ease in customer service: Given the number of inquiries about product specifications, product quality, price, and delivery information, SMS messaging is a particularly useful tool to deal with these queries.

Send Reminders: Create and send proactive SMS messages to remind customers about any pending dues.

Build a better inventory management system: Give your customers a heads-up in case of stock-outs or inventory shortages.

SMS services for Transportation