Bars & Night Clubs

 From nightclubs, bars and caterers; SMS messaging can help you interact with staff, drive up loyalty with existing clientele and so much more – all with ease and affordability.

75% of consumers are happy to receive SMS messages from bars to know about the timings and details of events.

50% of nightclubs and bars noticed strong customer engagements by using bulk SMS services

Consumers prefer to get messages with special offers in 85% of cases.

SMS services for Bars & Night Clubs

Promote events: Send quick SMS nightclub texts to let your clients know about the date and time of events, initiatives or one-nighters that you’re organising (live music, karaoke, theme nights, etc).

Create loyalty: Keep your customers in the loop with news on what’s on every week, new dishes on the menu, and so on.

Boost sales through promotions: Want to give sales a boost during the low season? Why not create promotions and let people know about them via text message. For example, you can offer 2 drinks for the price of 1 and happy hour discounts, etc.

Promotional messages are more likely to be opened by consumers than any other type of mobile communication.

SMS services for Bars & Night Clubs