Notifications in the local language for better interaction with local patients

68% of customers contact healthcare via mobile texting if they have billing questions or concerns.

71% of customers feel text messaging is a good way to communicate with a customer service representative.

40% of hospitals and clinics now use automated messaging services to confirm appointments.

SMS services for Health Care

Multi-language Features Healthcare SMS marketing frees up clinics to focus on patients. Appointments, billing, staffing, and patient or physician notifications can benefit from automated medical text marketing.

  • Medical Offices can Get Reliable Text Messaging Notifications

  • Solutions for a Doctor’s Consultation

  • 1:1 Text Messaging Software for Patient Communication

  • Medical Text Marketing can help you promote new services.

  • Notifications on hospital staffing and recruitment

  • According to polls, by 2022, 85 percent of hospital-to-health-care-professional encounters will be handled without speaking.

SMS services for Health Care