Salons & Spas

An SMS is the quickest, most affordable and most effective way to make sure your customers show up for booked appointments

When it comes to sending SMS marketing messages at the ideal time, the early bird gets the worm. 75% of consumers said they check their phones within 30 minutes after getting up.

If they were offered flash bargains, offers, or coupons in exchange, 50% of consumers said they would join an SMS loyalty program.

Click-through rates for SMS marketing campaigns might be 10-15% higher than email marketing efforts.

75 to 78% of consumers would rather text with a brand than speak with them.

SMS marketing for Salons and spas

Appointment reminders: Make sure your customers never forget an appointment, by quickly sending a text memo. This will help to boost sales, and will encourage people to let you know if they’re running late or need to cancel an appointment.

Booking service: Give your customers the option of booking appointments via SMS, and reply immediately with a confirmation text if you wish.

Announce promotions: Offer discounts with special promotions (e.g. “Today only, 20% off facial tanning”, etc.) and thus draw more visitors to your salon.

Announce news and updates: Let customers know when you launch new treatments and/or products, renew equipment and/or premises, through SMS messaging.

SMS marketing for Salons and spas