Fitness & Gym

 Make sure nobody gives up on workouts and keep the motivation up and running.

91% of people who opt in to get text messages from a brand consider them “somewhat useful” or “extremely useful.”

82% of app users keep their notifications on for SMS.

When it comes to sales and discounts, 90% of leads prefer to be texted rather than called.

SMS services for Fitness & Gym
  • Send incentives to prospective customers by sending special offers to those who sign up (e.g. if you pay for one month, the second is free), or messages to remind people when their membership is about to expire.

  • Promote courses, events, initiatives and special appointments by sending text alerts to your members. With a single command you can send the same message to everyone simultaneously.

  • Send messages to members to let them know if the lesson has been canceled or postponed, saving them precious time and money.

  • Millennials and Gen-Z now make up to 80% of health club members.

SMS services for Fitness & Gym