Retail & Ecommerce Text Marketing

2 Way SMS services for Retail & Ecommerce

Meeting your clients where they are – on their phones — is essential. Text messaging can help you increase income, enhance customer service, streamline processes, and expand your organization.

Text communications are critical to retail marketing success in 2021, from driving foot traffic and increasing sales to automating excellent customer experiences.

Marketing Agencies

Digital and conventional marketing organizations can deliver the most comprehensive omnichannel programs with SMS marketing tools, putting their clients ahead of the curve.

Offer a novel technique to reach customers and increase campaign effectiveness that other agencies haven’t yet figured out. Text messaging for businesses can produce quantifiable results.

SMS services for marketing agencies

Property Management With Text Messaging Services

SMS Services for Property management - Alienics Canada

Texting for property management can help fill vacancies and improve communication. Whether leasing flats or commercial premises, an SMS platform facilitates operations.

By texting a list of qualified applicants for property management, you may improve your overall lead conversion. Use Alienics SMS services to communicate with both potential and present residents and staff at a large scale.


Alienics OTP allows government portals to use the service for authentication measures such as registered mobile verification to secure the user’s information.

Better Security: Texting in the government sector can be used for various purposes, including emergency warnings, event reminders, and workforce management. Today is the day to upgrade your communications infrastructure.

SMS services for Government

Hospitality Sector

SMS services Hospitality sector - Alienics USA

Show your courtesy in text messages and improve your customer experience.

Reminders and Notifications Use SMS to provide more efficient advertising, automate booking reminders, streamline contactless check-in, and provide simple hotel guest text messaging for hospitality organisations.


Notifications in the local language for better interaction with local patients

Multi-language Features: Healthcare SMS marketing frees up clinics to focus on patients. Appointments, billing, staffing, and patient or physician notifications can benefit from automated medical text marketing.

SMS services for Health Care


SMS Marketing Services for Travel Agencies and Travel Industry

Customers can quickly find solutions to their booking and travel-related questions by searching and interacting with the brand’s support team. Using SMS for promotions, lead generation, and loyalty programs for couriers, cab services, movers, and other businesses will accelerate your marketing. But the advantages don’t end there.

Bars & Night Clubs

From nightclubs, bars and caterers; SMS messaging can help you interact with staff, drive up loyalty with existing clientele and so much more – all with ease and affordability.

Boost sales through promotions: Want to give sales a boost during the low season? Why not create promotions and let people know about them via text message. For example, you can offer 2 drinks for the price of 1 and happy hour discounts, etc.

SMS services for Bars & Night Clubs


SMS services For Education

For students and parents, SMS messaging is the most reliable and trusted solution to get your message reached fast.

  • Respond to students and parents about absences, questions and more

  • Announce updates, news, and competitions

  • Notify about events, course admissions and class allocations

Fitness & Gym

Make sure nobody gives up on workouts and keep the motivation up and running.

  • Send incentives to prospective customers by sending special offers to those who sign up (e.g. if you pay for one month, the second is free), or messages to remind people when their membership is about to expire.

  • Promote courses, events, initiatives and special appointments by sending text alerts to your members. With a single command you can send the same message to everyone simultaneously.

  • Send messages to members to let them know if the lesson has been canceled or postponed, saving them precious time and money.
SMS services for Fitness & Gym

Real Estate

SMS services for Real Estate - Alienics

Close more deals faster when you reach out to the right customers at the right time.

  • Quickly communicate with tenants, owners and prospects

  • Real estate SMS are ideal for letting your clients know quickly that a new property is on the market.

  • Property managers or administrators can send text alerts to remind or notify people of maintenance work

  • Remind your tenants to pay rent


Booking service: Accept and confirm bookings via SMS. You can automatically have bookings forwarded to your own IT system or email address, to share it with your staff.

Streamline food pickup and delivery: Let your customers know when their order is received, ready for pickup and out for delivery.

Boost sales through promotions: Let your customers know about any special deals you’re running, such as “2 pizzas for the price of one, tonight only!”

Improve customer service: Restaurants can send thank you messages to customers who have spent lunches or dinners there. They can then send more texts (e.g. birthday greetings with discount vouchers) to make the relationship last and encourage repeat bookings.

SMS services for Restaurants

Salons & Spas

SMS marketing for Salons and spas

Appointment reminders: Make sure your customers never forget an appointment, by quickly sending a text memo. This will help to boost sales, and will encourage people to let you know if they’re running late or need to cancel an appointment.

Booking service: Give your customers the option of booking appointments via SMS, and reply immediately with a confirmation text if you wish.

Announce promotions: Offer discounts with special promotions (e.g. “Today only, 20% off facial tanning”, etc.) and thus draw more visitors to your salon.

Announce news and updates: Let customers know when you launch new treatments and/or products, renew equipment and/or premises, through SMS messaging.


The Transportation industry is becoming increasingly complex; everything from warehousing, inventory to packaging and disposal are interconnected. Hence, the transportation industry requires a streamlined workflow with proper coordination. A dedicated SMS marketing software ensures an efficient medium for promoting brand value by having active interactions with customers. SMS solutions can help through two-way communication between customers, staff members, and logistics managers.

SMS services for Transportation

Wedding Services

SMS services for Wedding services

You can take full advantage of the efficiency of text messaging when exchanging information with the various groups of people involved in a wedding, including the soon-to-be-newlyweds, bridal party, guests, caterers, venue managers, and florists

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