Alienics OTP allows government portals to use the service for authentication measures such as registered mobile verification to secure the user’s information.

For complaints, marketing, and surveys, 75% of government personnel prefer SMS campaigns.

In reaction to the Pandemic, government use of SMS marketing increased by 8.5% and 20% in March and April 2020, respectively.

87% government officials have started sending public notifications via SMS.

SMS services for Government

 Better Security: Texting in the government sector can be used for various purposes, including emergency warnings, event reminders, and workforce management. Today is the day to upgrade your communications infrastructure.

  • Government Text Alert System that is Reliable

  • Public Notifications with Low-Cost Mass Texting

  • For forms and digital signatures, 1:1 texting solutions are available.

  • Effective communication with Employees

  • Recruiting, sponsoring, and staffing can all be done with SMS.

  • Canadians send 270 million texts per day

SMS services for Government