5 Simple Ways To Gain Customers Trust And Confidence With Text Messages

Consumers today are becoming more informed, demanding, and cynical in their purchasing decisions. 70 percent of customers base their purchasing decisions on their trustworthiness. That is why it is critical to close the trust gap.

Going above your customers is the surest way to gain consumer trust and a loyal client base. Companies that do not put in the effort required to earn their customers’ trust restrict their potential.

How To Gain Customer’s Trust?

In today’s competitive business market, finding a strategy to develop client trust is a key competence within your brand that will make it a powerful competitor. There are several tools available to assist you to improve your customer connections, but which should you choose?

We already know how internet reviews might help your brand gain confidence. However, what is often forgotten is how a simple and inexpensive SMS message may help you create customer loyalty and satisfaction more quickly.

Here in this blog, we have found you five ways to gain your customer’s trust with text messages:

Reminders and alerts

Be customer-focused. Get ahead of the game with clients by anticipating what items and services they’ll require before they do. Consider today’s life: it’s only getting busier, with longer working hours and increased performance requirements. Many brands attempt to reduce client stress by providing helpful reminders and warnings.

  • Customers are reminded about product replacement at hair salons. Hello there! The cleanser for your skin is ready to run out. To place a new order…
  • Appointments at medical clinics are being confirmed. Your reservation for Match 19th at 2.30 p.m. has been confirmed.
  • Restaurants will contact you to remind you of a future reservation. REMINDER: You have an 8.30 p.m. dinner reservation with us. When you arrive, please be on time.

You can also utilize proactive notifications to advise customers about impending outages or issues with your company. Your business will also benefit from SMS alerts and reminders. No-shows in service businesses, for example, cost a lot of resources, time, and money. Automating SMS reminders and alerts can help you cut down on no-shows and guarantee that your profits are consistent.

Security in the digital worl

With the rise in cyberattacks, many companies and brands take extra precautions to safeguard their data. This is referred to as data trust. Customers are significantly less inclined to switch providers if they know you’re looking after them.

Multi-factor authentication is a popular method for accomplishing this.

Multi-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a security feature requiring users to authenticate their identity in another method while logging in. When you log in, 2FA frequently (but not always) uses phone numbers and SMS to send you a one-time password or code.

2FA as an example

Because mobile phones are frequently linked to a single person, this is a secure and convenient option for customers to verify their identification when signing in. This can be used for various purposes, including password reset confirmation and more.

Customer service

Getting immediate assistance from a business support team is one of the most irritating consumer experiences. How many times have you had to endure an irritating teleprompter before speaking with a live person? Even then, it could take several days, phone calls, or agencies to settle your issue.

Let’s look at how SMS can help you resolve support issues quickly and easily.

Port Networks, an independent telecommunications company, sought a new way to assist clients with technical questions in 2020. Agents were swamped with phone calls, and clients were frequently compelled to call back often, which was annoying.

The company’s founder, Hugh Bethell, noticed an increase in younger generations’ interest in SMS chat (two-way text discussions between an agent and a consumer) as a communication option. SMS was not just global, accessible, and familiar to most people; it also allowed customers to respond at their own pace. It also allowed agents to handle several requests at the same time.

As a result, customer assistance issues were resolved considerably more quickly than if they had been communicated via phone or email. In reality, half of the help queues and resolution times were slashed, resulting in far more satisfied and committed consumers.

Feedback from customers

When new customers are looking for a high-quality product with various options, they will first look at user reviews. It’s critical to have a good tempo of consumer feedback to establish a reputation and trust what you have to offer. However, obtaining it is one of the most difficult aspects of consumer feedback.

Choosing the best time to capture your consumer is only half of the battle. In situations that require urgent attention, text messages are frequently used. If you send a review request via email, they may not see it for two days or a week-long after their ‘happy’ moment has passed. You want to get their attention right away and get a quick response.

Loyalty and referral networks

Reinforcing client retention with current advocates is one of the simplest methods to develop confidence. As previously said, loyal clients are far more inclined to recommend your business to their friends and family. Consider all of the brands you enjoy; how many of them have you shared with your friends and family? According to Nielsen, 82% of respondents prefer suggestions from family and friends to those from other sources.

Many organizations already have valuable VIP and loyalty programs, which help build strong customer loyalty. There are various ways to include promotional text campaigns in referral or loyalty marketing campaigns. For example, you could send a text message to current clients inviting them to join your VIP club by encouraging them to invite five friends. Use your creativity!

End Note

The glue that holds a customer to a brand is trust. Customers who know how to create trust and nurture a long-term connection with a company are more likely to receive the benefits. There are no shortcuts or secrets when it comes to building customer trust. It’s quite straightforward: always put your consumers first.

Provide them with high-quality goods. Provide personalized and responsive client assistance. Be truthful, upfront, and genuine. And communicate successfully by turning to Alienics, your one-stop shop for bulk text messaging.

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