Advantages of Using SMS Marketing for the Banking and Finance Industry

The banking and finance industry is an essential part of modern-day life. One pivotal tool that has played an important role and grown over the years is the use of SMS. There is no other mode of communication that has been able to match the effectiveness of SMS marketing. Most banks have already implemented the use of the new age of mobile technology and have adopted SMS messaging services for increasing customer satisfaction. Being available at the tip of our fingers, mobile has become the preferred communication channel. Due to this, several companies have implemented two-way messaging for improving customer interaction and internal communication. This has enabled them to get a competitive advantage in an oversaturated market.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the best benefits of SMS marketing for the banking and financial sector.

  • Provides Instant Notifications and Alerts

SMS notifications are extensively used by banks and financial companies all over the world to notify their customers about transactions made by them. It makes the whole process transparent and provides customers with greater control. SMS also ensures customer security and safety.

  • Get Authentication via SMS

Ensuring their customers are always protected is of utmost concern for any banking or finance company. SMS authentication is quite helpful as it prevents identity theft. The features like two-factor authentication and one-time password have made SMS one of the most common and secure ways for keeping customers safe from online threats.

  • Updates on Real-time Payments

Getting updates on the payments or transactions done is essential in order to avoid the possibility of any fraudulent activity. Due to this, almost all financial services and banks utilize SMS as a mode of communication to provide their customers with real-time updates. This will reduce any suspicious activity and ensure every transaction done is completely secure.

  • Increases Customer Engagement

When compared with the other modes of communication, SMS has a very high open rate of around 98%. One of the best benefits of the SMS channel is that it enables banks and financial companies to target their prospective customers and achieve hyper-local engagement. This can be used for gaining better feedback and insights and also understanding what their customers want.

  • Helps Promote New Products and Services

The medium of SMS is highly beneficial for banks and financial companies to keep their customers updated with all the latest offerings that they have for them. They can easily promote new schemes, products, and services to their customers. Also, SMS marketing is a great way to reach out to potential customers and inform them how they can get benefited. A direct link to the product page can be sent to customers via an SMS to share more information.

  • Mobile Banking

Our phones receive bit size information that carries a lot of data. It allows customers to easily perform SMS mobile banking. As it is quite fast, quick, and simple to use, most people can use it without any hassles. In most cases, it doesn’t need an active internet connection. Also, in the coming years, the popularity of mobile banking is only going to increase further.

  • Get Quick Customer Service

Customer services have significantly become quicker with the help of SMS. Web-based SMS messaging has enabled customers to reach out to support staff easily just at the click of a button and communicate their queries to them. When compared with other ways of communication like over the phone, SMS is always better. This is because you don’t have to wait for long hours listening to the constant irritating tone before the customer representative picks up and helps you out.

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