Considering an Auto SMS Sender? Here’s What You Need to Know

SMS has opened up new possibilities for connecting businesses with their customers. You may establish a personal connection with your consumers by sending them a simple text message, giving them the option to respond, and providing you with vital feedback on your services and goods. They may express their admiration for your company, use a discount to make an immediate purchase, or initiate a beneficial discussion.

Automated Messaging:

Sending SMS messages automatically can save you manual effort work, boost client satisfaction, and keep your style consistent. Instead of initiating and responding to text messages one at a time or relying on generic mass texts, use smart messaging to automate typical operations. You can connect with your audience and solve problems with a few careful clicks.

You can confirm meetings, expedite sales, and handle issues as soon as they happen using Auto SMS Reply, an automated text response service. Conversations can continue even when your business is closed for the day, with customized follow-up text messages sent promptly and automatically to help and please your consumers at every stage of their journey.

You may believe that automated text message software is excessively pricey. Or that the trouble isn’t worth it. However, this blog will demonstrate why it is vital for businesses seeking to advance and is MUCH more affordable than you may believe.

Automated Messages Can Improve Your Sales

Using an auto-responder to communicate with your customers is a very effective technique. SMS auto-replies, like any other text, are restricted to 160 characters. However, keep in mind that you have a captive audience, so while your auto-replies should be brief and to the point, they don’t have to be dull.

You want your customer to feel like they’re talking to a real person, even if it’s only over the phone. Make the most of those connections by getting personal and imaginative as you develop your communication plan.

Here are a few different approaches you could take depending on the response you’re writing;

Tempt Your Customers To Engage

When a customer texts you, take advantage of the opportunity to reward them with something special: a one-of-a-kind discount coupon, a loyalty badge, or a web link to a special deal exclusively for them by sending them an automated message. Such as

“I’m delighted to hear from you! Here’s a 10% discount on all items as a thank you for being a part of the (brand name) family. At checkout, enter the code FAMILY.”

Lets You Collect Your Payments:

When it comes to payments, it’s simple to assume that allowing customers to swipe credit cards or pay with cash will do. They have, after all, been the de-facto choices for decades. If they are the only two options you offer, you’ll miss out on 33% of customers’ top selections.

Many local businesses are getting ahead by collecting payments via automated messaging. You may text customers their invoices and have them pay instantly through a text link using SMS automation, reducing bill wait time and enhancing consumer convenience. This has major advantages, particularly for businesses where bill collection is usually problematic, such as healthcare.

Keeps Your Customers Updated

With the rise of online shopping, takeaway, and click-and-collect in our society, we frequently wait for updates on various orders. SMS can notify people when their delivery is due or when it is ready to be picked up.

Send automated messages with timetable options for deliveries that necessitate the homeowner’s presence.

“Hey, Alex,” for example. That’s fantastic news! Your new armchair is almost ready to be picked up from our warehouse. All we have to do now is choose a time and date that works for you. Please respond with the options (a-c) that you like.”

Messages In Their Native Language 

Although most businesses do not have people on staff who can communicate in multiple languages, some auto-reply solutions can. Businesses with a global consumer base can now answer in their customers’ native language. Every SMS conversation is customized for anybody you contact, thanks to multilingual auto-replies, so if your user speaks French, react in French.

How can I set up an Automated Text Messaging Service?

The correct software and communications tools are required for automatic text messaging. Local businesses can only do this with the help of a platform. However, not every platform will suffice.

When looking for a platform, do your homework and select one designed specifically for small businesses, with the capacity to send various messages and constantly report on statistics and performance.

  • Is the provider’s carrier network strong enough to ensure that your SMS messages are delivered reliably and quickly wherever in the world?
  • Do they provide drag-and-drop tools that allow even non-developers to modify the interface, messaging logic, and auto-reply message copy on the fly?
  • Do they have developer-friendly programmable APIs that can be adjusted to match your specific business needs and make messaging integration into your whole communication platform or CRM a breeze?
  • Do they have easy-to-use routing technologies that allow you to construct and alter interaction flows based on user intent quickly?
  • Does your service provider make it easy for your clients to opt out of receiving messages? Is there an advanced opt out classifier that can detect if a user intends to opt-out and ensure automatic compliance?
  • Does the supplier offer a comprehensive Omnichannel solution that can meet all of your messaging requirements, in addition to a simple text message and auto-response capability?
  • Does the service level agreement match your company’s real-time needs and, more critically, ensure that your communications are delivered without interruption?

Alienics, as the champion of 90,000+ local businesses, is the only platform that can do it all: run effective SMS promotional campaigns, take care of payments in-person or remotely, engage customers through Webchat, invite customers to leave reviews at the right time, every time, and schedule appointments while effectively tracking data. You may test the success of automatic text messaging for free with Alienics 14-day Free Trial.

Final Thoughts

By boosting ease and making your efforts go further, an automated text message may elevate every area of your client experience and company processes. It’s a tried-and-true method for increasing income, converting more leads, and keeping customers back. You’ll be able to meet customer expectations in ways that other firms can’t if you use Alienics SMS marketing platform to automate messaging. With SMS marketing, you’ll be able to keep ahead of the competition.

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