Examples Of Automated Messages And How They Work

Sending SMS messages automatically can save you hours of manual work, boost client satisfaction, and keep your tone of voice consistent. Instead of initiating and responding to text messages one at a time or relying on conventional bulk texts, use smart messaging to automate typical operations. You can connect with your audience and solve problems with a few careful clicks.

When it comes to SMS automation, both sides win. According to research, 4 out of 5 customers prefer to contact businesses via text since it is less intrusive, convenient, and quick. So, instead of playing phone tag or waiting for an email to arrive, automate a two-way interaction for optimal efficiency.

While the concept of creating automation may appear intimidating, it’s rather simple to implement this comprehensive messaging; it’s just a matter of thinking ‘if this, then that.’ Consider what you want to accomplish with your automation and common discussion streams, and rationality will win out. We’ll explain how it works, show you some samples of automated text messages, and offer some best practice advice.

Examples Of Automated Messages

Your messages should be brief but compelling enough to compel recipients to take action. On the other hand, every communication can make a substantial impact on your traffic and revenue if done correctly.

Here are some samples of great automated text messages that you can utilise to create your pre-written marketing messages:

Customers’ check-in

Hello there, Sally. Mark from National Cookware is here. What do you think of your new Texas cookware set?

Post-store visit survey link

Thank you for visiting us today! We’d like to hear about your opinion with a quick survey: [link]

A follow up to a non-response

Hello, my name is Alex, and I’m from Siren. I want to follow up and see if you still require some help.

Discount that is specific to your Customers

Hello there, Sara!. [code] is your exclusive 10% discount code. Now is the time to shop: [link] If you have any questions, please text us at [phone number].

Special deal

There are just TWO HOURS LEFT to save 40% on your whole order at GMart! At checkout, use the code: [code]! TONIGHT [date] is the last day of the sale! [link]

Notification of a sale

Dear customer, our finest deal has now become even better. When you buy Rimmel’s lipstick, you’ll get an eye pencil for free. Seriously. To get started, click this link [link].

Follow up with the lead

Hello, Bella. Geeta’s Vending Solutions’ Anthony here. I’m following up on your vending machine request for your office. Please feel free to text me or call me at this number.

Customer follow-up

Hello there, Samrah. My name is Mariah, and I’m from Panasonic Air Purifiers. What’s the status of your hotel units? Please let me know if any of these require some extra filter.

Order Confirmation

Greetings, Suzzain! Thank you for visiting Annexe. When your order is on its way, we’ll send you another text. You can also check the status of your order at [link].

Reminder about abandoned carts

Hello there, Mr Parker! Are you sure you didn’t forget about the products in your shopping cart? You’ll look fantastic in these! Enjoy free shipping as a reward for yourself. Enter [8976] during the checkout process.

Updates on the Order

Order #5664 has been sent! Please visit [link] to track your order.

Additional information on the order process

It’s time to pick up your order! Please park in any place marked for pickup and text your name and parking spot number to this number.

Waiting list at a restaurant

Hello, Puri. Your name has been put on our waiting list for a group of five. When your table is ready, we’ll text you at this number.

Update on a shipping delay.

Dear Customer, we are experiencing massive shipping delays as a result of national thunderstorms.

A message of confirmation

Thank you for subscribing to The Daily A-News! Please respond CONFIRM to confirm your subscription.

Automatically Generated Waiver

Mark, hello! You’re in for a great day of sailing ahead of you. But before we can start having fun, we need your entire group of 7 to sign out the following waiver form: [link]

Shift reminder message

Hello, Casey. On August 11th, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., we have you scheduled to work security at our clinic. Please let us know if you’re available for this shift.

Prescription Delivery Update

Hello there, Mathew, Your medication was delivered yesterday.

Updates on prescription orders

When a customer’s prescription is ready for pick-up, the pharmacy notifies them.

A friendly reminder to make an appointment

Good morning. Kim from Dr. Symbal’s office here. Your six-month dental cleaning is overdue. On March 12 we can book your appointment at 10 a.m. Is that something you can do?

Check-in after a doctor’s visit

Hello there, Rachael. It’s Ana from Dr. Peterson’s office on the other end of the line. How are you doing now that you’ve had wisdom tooth surgery? If you have any queries or concerns, please SMS me here.

It’s more crucial than ever to connect with customers and prospects on a deeper level. With everyone constantly checking their phones, text messaging is an excellent way to reach out to your subscriber list. Connecting with consumers and leads can be as simple as automating advice and updates. You can also give them a choice to ask a question or respond, which will create a conversation that might not have happened otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Text messaging campaigns that are automated might put you ahead of the competition and help you gain loyal customers. Texting allows you to engage and communicate with your audience quickly, and your customers will enjoy the ease and personal touch that this method of contact gives. It will provide you with the competitive advantage you seek.

Want to discover how Alienics can help your company reach all of these goals through text messaging?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will gladly give you a personalized tour and share examples from our clientele.

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