Text Marketing Vs. Email Marketing: Which One Should You Prefer In 2022?

Is email marketing a viable option? Should you concentrate your efforts on text message marketing? Which method is the most effective for reaching out to your target audience? Deciding on the best platform for your next marketing campaign might be difficult with so many considerations.

Are you unsure which channel to utilize for the greatest results? Don’t be concerned! In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast email and text marketing, as well as their key distinctions. We’ll take a thorough look at each one to see which one is ideal for you. (Spoiler alert: you have the option of choosing both!)

But, before we go into the differences between email and text marketing and when to utilize both, let’s go over the basics.

Email Marketing And SMS Marketing

I’m sure you’ve heard of email marketing. If you’ve ever signed up for a newsletter or company updates, you’ve undoubtedly received a storm of emails informing you of their latest product or service. Even though it is no longer the fastest or most efficient method of connecting with customers, it can still be a highly successful internet marketing technique. Overall, an effective email marketing plan can aid in the conversion of prospects into consumers.

However, text message marketing, often known as SMS marketing, allows firms to communicate with customers directly in the places where their eyes are, all the time “a smartphone.” According to research, 90% of Americans own a smartphone today, and smartphone dependence is at an all-time high.

With ever-changing customer preferences and marketing communication technologies, deciding between SMS marketing and email marketing. Here are some ways to think about while deciding on the best plan for your marketing campaign:


Over 200 billion emails are sent every day, with approximately half of them ending up in trash folders. (Fun fact: the average office worker gets 100 emails per day.)

Around 20 billion texts are sent every day, with the average person receiving 70 messages each day. Users receive text messages immediately on their phones in comparison to email notifications. While text marketing may appear to be a no-brainer, like an email, it does necessitate customers opting in to receive SMS notifications from your company. Marketers can incentivize clients with minor perks once they’ve opted in, hopefully boosting the brand’s mobile number database.

Performance and Conversions

Now let’s look at how these marketing platforms differ in terms of conversions and performance.

According to another research, the average click-through rate for email marketing is relatively low, with only 2.60 percent of subscribers clicking on an offer within an email. Furthermore, approximately 25% of retail email list users have purchased from the retailer to which they subscribed via email.

However, text messaging provides some potential options.

According to Gartner’s research, phone response rates range from 55 to 93 percent, while the global average open rate for SMS texts is 90 percent.

A cart abandonment emails convert at around 6%, and text messages convert at around 23% on average. Isn’t that good?


The length of the campaign determines the cost of a text marketing campaign, the number of messages sent, and the geographic location. It also depends on the carrier and service provider. On the other hand, email marketing campaigns are normally less expensive; nonetheless, email personalization differs from company to company and might vary in cost based on the campaign type.


Email campaigns offer more flexibility than SMS messages, limited to only 140-characters. If you choose an SMS campaign, make sure your message is concise, accurate, and without any fluff. However, sending my information via email allows you to send hyperlinks, attachments, photographs, videos, and forms, among other things. It also emphasizes the tone and voice of your brand.

How To Choose Amongst These Two Marketing Campaigns?

Both email and SMS marketing have pros and downsides, as stated, but combining the two can result in a potent marketing campaign. We’ve collected and answered a few typical queries regarding using both sorts of marketing:

Which one would you prefer, email marketing or bulk texting?

We don’t advise fully abandoning one media in favor of another. Email marketing, on the other hand, is the way to go for some marketing projects that demand brand recognition, customer connection, and contact. SMS marketing works great for shorter, personalized communications, but it is more appropriate for most marketing efforts.

In 2022, will email marketing still be effective?

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to sell your company online despite the increased popularity of social media and influencer marketing. To stay effective in 2022, your email marketing approach should be tailored for the latest innovation and trends.

What are the advantages of choosing a bulk SMS software for business?

There’s no place for anything but a to-the-point message when it comes to SMS marketing.

This is a difficulty as well as an opportunity. For one thing, it simplifies the message and ensures that the recipient knows whether something is of interest or not. However, from a creative standpoint, the offer must be very obvious which can be easily done by using a user-friendly bulk sms software such as Alienics.

When is it appropriate to employ SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a great option if you want to stay in touch with your customers right away. It’s excellent for time-based offers, special promotions, notifications, and reminders to keep communications short and inventive. Clinics, for example, can use text messages to remind patients of appointments, and eateries might use them to send out limited-time promotions. Thanks to contemporary technologies and analytics tools like Alienics that help you make better marketing decisions


The decision between email and text marketing will be based on your company’s and customers’ requirements. Text messaging can be a good option if you want to strengthen customer relationships or shorten your sales cycle.

Email and text message marketing can both help you grow your business, but only if you have a well-thought-out approach. You must assess the costs and benefits of both communication channels because they demand time and money to implement and should not be done carelessly. So good luck with making the right choice!

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