Top Benefits of 2-Way SMS for Your Business

SMS is one of the most important and popular marketing tools for businesses and its use has been ever increasing. Customers usually prefer to use SMS messaging over other modes of communication with a business. For businesses, Best SMS marketing plays an important role. They send out promotional messages about the different products or services to their target customers in order to convey information. However, if a business wants to interact with its customers then it is essential to receive customers’ responses too. This is where 2-way SMS comes into the discussion.

What is 2-Way SMS?

2-way SMS messaging means the ability to send and receive SMS messages. This type of messaging system is highly beneficial for businesses as it enables a user to send messages to any particular network and receive replies through SMS or a web based platform that utilizes API’s.

What are the Benefits of 2-Way SMS?

There are several benefits of 2-way SMS. It is now proven that communication is most effective and efficient when it’s a 2-way street. Businesses that constantly converse with their customers can gauge their needs in a better manner. This enables them to serve their customers better. The best part about 2-way messaging is that it can be used across various industries in different scenarios.

Now let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using 2-way SMS.

  • High Open Rate

SMS messages are the channels that have a high open rate as well as read rate when compared to any other modes of communication including emails. This is helpful for a business as the sent message is read immediately and can be responded to easily. According to research, around 75% of people don’t mind receiving messages from brands. Due to this, the possibility of the message being opened and read increases manifolds.

  • Low Cost and High Conversion

When we compare SMS campaigns to all the different types of marketing, they come with lower setup fees and running costs. Also, the Return on Investment is quite high as businesses need to deal with the existing people or customers who are willing to share their numbers for receiving their marketing messages. The chances of these customers acquiring your services or buying your products again will increase when they receive your messages. SMS messaging is cost-efficient as compared to traditional channels.

  • Flexible and Quick

As a 2-way SMS is quite simple and immediate, it enables users to send a message to thousands of customers within a few minutes. Businesses can also choose to automate dynamic responses based on predefined keywords depending on customer preferences. This in return saves both time and resources. Adding some creativity to 2-way messaging has a great potential to engage your customers and deliver guaranteed and desired results.

  • Easily Accessible

The 2-way SMS messages can be easily sent and read on any mobile device. Due to this, SMS is a highly accessible and effective tool for businesses that want to reach out to a wider section of their customers. Additionally, once a customer chooses to start receiving SMS messages, a business can interact with the customers easily without their messages getting ignored or viewed as spam messages.

  • User-friendly APIs

As the APIs are user-friendly, businesses can create interactive campaigns that are sent, responded to, and monitored on one single platform. The best part of 2-way messaging is that it can be integrated with any third-party application using its APIs.

  • Gain Insights

For businesses, it is of utmost concern to learn about the interests of their customers. This enables them to serve them with better products and services and address their concerns. 2-way messaging is an amazing way to receive quick responses from customers. As a customer, you can easily respond to a message and provide feedback to your business.

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